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Waterpave Permeable Concrete

Permeable Paving Expert Melbourne

We are industry-leading specialists in the installation of Water Pave Permeable Concrete, representing an environmentally conscious and sophisticated choice for any construction project.

Permeable paving, as its name suggests, is a carefully engineered method designed to facilitate the permeation of rainwater through to the underlying ground. This innovative solution enables the infusion of fresh, clean water into aquifers and groundwater supplies, delivering a substantial environmental advantage when compared to conventional concrete applications.

Distinguished as a trusted installer of Waterpave Permeable Concrete, Genuine Driveways takes pride in their DriveCon™ system. This system has undergone meticulous engineering to ensure it can withstand the daily loads of vehicles. Recognised as the most efficient permeable system currently available, it also distinguishes itself as the most cost-effective solution. Whether catering to large-scale multi-unit developments with numerous driveways and paths or single driveways of various dimensions, the adaptable DriveCon™ system seamlessly integrates into both compact residential spaces and expansive commercial settings.

For those who seek not only functionality but also aesthetic refinement, Genuine Driveways offers the option to incorporate a specialised coloured sealer and a decorative border. This additional touch elevates the overall appearance of the project, ensuring that the practicality of Water Pave Permeable Concrete is harmoniously coupled with an appealing visual finish.


Looks Great


Colour Match Your Property

Low Maintenance

Hard-wearing and Robust


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Onsite Visit

An onsite visit will help us get to know your needs and the vision for your home which will determine the options we present to you.

Receive Quote

Within 24 hours you will receive a formal quote from us. The quote will have 2 – 3 options for you to choose from.

Accept Quote

After you had time to review the quote and clarified anything. You can make your decision and the schedule will be agreed.


Within 7 days form when you approved the quote the job will commence, normally this will take 3 days in total.


Day 1 is to prepping the job and by Day 2 the when concrete/aggregate is poured. On Day 3 we do the detailing work.


When the job has been completed you will be left not only with a beautiful driveway but also a clear understanding of how to look after it